Saturday, November 3, 2012


You had a BLAST this Halloween and it was my favorite to date!  You were Minne and LOVED your costume!  After you put it on, we let you look at yourself in the mirror and you chanted "Minnie, Minnie!" over and over again and ran around with such delight!  It made my heart swell!

We went to a neighborhood Halloween carnival and then went to the church one. You had a lot of fun playing games and loved the bounce house and LOVED doing the cake walk (my favorite too).

On Halloween night, Daddy took you trick-or-treating.  This is a moment that I've dreamed of all my life and it made me tear up a bit to watch you two go.  You went to about 10 houses and then got a bit tired and the spooky noises were scary too, so Daddy took you home to sister and I who were passing out candy.  I'm so in love with you!