Monday, September 24, 2012


You are my favorite two year old in the world! You love drinking smoothies, stickers, playing with your little people toys, eating Popsicles on the swing, blowing bubbles on the back deck, eating cookies and cake and ice cream, dogs, Minnie Mouse, saying colors and letters, wearing jewelry, saying "no", saying "Momma", running at full speed, tormenting - I mean playing with our cat Sam, balloons, twirling in circles, reading books, playing games on my iPhone, watching Blues Clues and Dora, to "go" and you LOVE to laugh. I love all of these things about you plus so much more! I just can't get enough of you and miss you after I put you to bed at night and can't wait for you to wake up in the morning. You are my world and my happiness!! I love you to the moon (and back)!


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