Friday, September 28, 2012

Word World

You are saying so many words now, that I don't even bother counting anymore (praise God)! You are still in speech therapy 3 times a week and still need it for now, but you are seriously catching up! Here's a few funny and impressive things that you can say:

* You love to say "go" and love to pull on my hand and take me to what you want. It's usually the pantry where you go "knock, knock, knocking". You knock and say knock several times wanting in to get a snack.

* You have been saying "that baby happy" about your sister. It's too cute. I think "happy" is your new favorite word.

* You can say your colors and identify them. You are learning your letters and numbers too and shapes. We are really working on this hard at home. You have most animal sounds mastered and can identify most animals.

* You love to say "scat cat" when Sam is on our way which is at least once a day.


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