Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big Sister!

Momma went into labor with your sister Ava around 3:30 p.m. August 1st.  I had been in labor several times over the past week, and my doctor tried to stop it because sissy was a week too early.  However, this time they decide to go ahead and do the section!  Daddy immediately came home and Grandma came over to take care of you and spend the night.  Momma had sissy at 8:10 p.m. and she was perfect!

We wanted you to be the very first person to meet your sister.  So, although it was WAY past your bedtime, Grandma brought you up to the hospital so that you could meet her!  You were VERY tired and confused.  The first thing you did was run to Momma at the bed and held my had and tried to get me "up".  Then, you heard sister crying and looked at her awhile.  Little sister had a special present just for you of a "Tag Junior" which you loved.  Aunt Shanna came soon after and brought you a big sister present too of a "woof woof" dog stuffed animal.

Grandma took you back home and spent the night with you while Daddy stayed one night with Momma in the hospital.  Grandma said that you were awake ALL NIGHT, which was really weird.  You always sleep.  She said you weren't making a sound, just laying in bed.  I guess you were thinking about things and working everything out.  Momma was a little sad to hear this, but was SO GLAD that you were at least not sad.  I know that this had to be confusing to you and maybe you did just need some time to think, bless your heart!  The next day, Daddy went home mid-afternoon and brought you back up.  You had your Tag Junior dog with you and immediately found the cookies.  Momma had made you and Ava matching Big Sister/Little Sister outfits which you had on.

First photo as a family of FOUR!

Every day that you came to the hospital, you immediately got up in Momma's bed and helped me eat my lunch.  The nurses brought you extra treats like chocolate pudding and popsicles too.

When it was time to go home from the hospital, we were waiting for Daddy to get the car and right before we left you said "Momma..." and then patted Ava and said "Baby" like you completely understood and were happy.  My heart instantly melted and all those months of me worrying about you and how you would accept baby sister and if you would be hurt etc. all faded away.  I was so thrilled!

All three of us in the car!  Goodbye hospital, hello home and new addition! I am SO PROUD of you and think you are going to be THE BEST big sister in the world!  I love you SO MUCH and that will never change.  You have always completely filled my heart.  My heart just grew a little bigger when Ava was born.  You are my first and will always be oh so special to me!  I hope that you will always love and be FRIENDS with Ava - she will be a lifelong friend and companion for you.  I love you Audrey my precious BIG SISTER!!!


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