Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jump Zone

We celebrated Davis's birthday at Jump Zone on Saturday and you had so much fun! You were a little scared at first because there were no other kids jumping or even there. However, as soon as the kids started jumping, you were right in the middle of things! Daddy went with you down the really big slide:

He was also your teeter. Daddy loves you so!

Here you are jumping in a couple of inflatables:

You were so cute sitting next to Daniel eating. You even wore a birthday hat for the first time! I couldn't believe it!

Fun fun party and you were WORN OUT afterwards and took a really long nap.

Also, we had the Pittman's over for dinner tonight and we looked over and you and Ace were in your little car together and stayed in there for awhile! Your first little car date!

You had so much fun just chasing Ace and Abbey around and playing! Daddy and I just had the best night knowing how happy you were and how much fun you were having!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Your 2nd Birthday!!

First off, I cannot believe you are TWO!  These past two years have been THE BEST in my life!  You have brought SO MUCH JOY to us and we love you so much!!  I wanted to make your second birthday party as special as a "thank you" for being in our lives!  We are so grateful for you and words cannot express how much we love you and are so glad and proud that you are our daughter!

So, you are TOTALLY into puppies right now, so you had a PUPPY PAWTAY for your 2nd birthday! 

The main activity and theme was for you and your friends to "adopt" puppies.  We put them all in a crate at the "Puppy Pound" station and each child got to choose their puppy to adopt and fill out adoption papers.  Next, they went to the "Puppy Vet" where Nana pretended to be a vet and did a quick check-up of the puppies, gave them their shots and handed out "puppy vitamins" (sweet tart bone-shaped candies) and a puppy care checklist.  Then, they went to "Puppies R Us Supplies" to get supplies for their puppies.  Supplies included "Puppy Food" (Cocoa Puffs), "Puppy Treats" (Scoobie Snacks/bone-shaped graham crackers), balls, puppy pads and a collar.  Finally, they went to the "Puppy Groomers" station to give their dogs a quick (pretend) bath and do a little grooming which included spraying "Flea Spray".

Here's a few pictures of the food at the party!  The cake was made by my friend Brandi.  She did you first birthday cake and does such a beautiful job!  The food consisted of "Fetch" (dipped pretzel rods), "Bark" (chocolate birthday bark) and "Treats" (bone shaped iced cookies and puppy chow a.k.a. muddie buddies).

I made all of the decorations using the Cricut for the most part.  There was also a picture collage of YOU from the past two years.  I can't tell you how long I stared at it just thinking about how much JOY that you've brought us!

You loved all of the puppies and were saying "Woof woof" the entire time.  And, of course, you had to get in the puppy pound just like all of the other kids.

Nana had a special puppy for you that she was going to give to you later, but you quickly found it and wanted it, so she gave it to you early.  You just love it and almost forgot about your BFF "Dirty Dog".

You thoroughly enjoyed the cake and sweet treats and drinks!

You got a TON of gifts!!  You really liked your new ride from Momma and Daddy.

After the party was over, we went outside to take a few pictures and the ice cream man came!  You know his sound, so we finished out the day with more sugary treats.

We love you so much and hope you look back at these pictures and know that it was the least that we could do for you considering that YOU are OUR greatest GIFT!!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

First Concert

I took you to the library today to see your first concert (The Kinders) and you had a BLAST! You were so good and listened to your Momma and stayed on my lap some to listen. You also did some dancing:

You cracked up a lot too. You really liked the mosquito song and the dog song and LOVED it when he threw balls around for kids to catch. You wanted so badly for him to throw it to you. You did have a beach ball bonk you on the head which you thought was really funny.

Now that I know how much you like concerts, we will find another to go to ASAP!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Day of Dance!

I was so excited to take you to your very first day of dance class! I almost teared up and cried! You were such a big girl and did remarkably well for your first day. You were a little upset in the beginning when we first got started and when Momma left the room. However, I was able to get a few shots of you looking so big and so so cute in your little leotard and tap shoes!

You were (as usual) the center of attention and wanted to be right in the middle of it all up front!! I love your personality and I can't wait to see it grow and flourish over the years. Anyway, the next few shots are from the camera monitor that I was able to watch while you were learning. Here you are right up front next to the instructors:

There you are again at the front. I couldn't find you on the monitor for several minutes and it turned out that you sneaked into your bag and got your sippy cup. Between that in one hand and your stuffed dog in the other, you couldn't really do the moves, so we will not be bringing those next time lol:

And, there you are laying in the floor while everyone else is doing stretching exercises:

And finally, while everyone else was lined up against the wall, you were busy helping the instructors get out the tumbling mat! When it was your turn, they had a tube to crawl through and you wanted to stay in it and play instead of crawling through. You seriously crack me up!

We have summer dance twice a week this month, so I'm anticipating tomorrow going smoother now that you understand better what to expect. I love you so much my beautiful, sweet ballerina princess!


Monday, July 2, 2012


Two of my friends took a picture of this card (on the left) and sent it to me because it is ridiculous how much this looks like you:

The picture on the right is several months old, but you kind of had the same stance. And yes, again, that is underwear you have around your neck LOL! I think you are way prettier than your twin on the left, though! I'll try to find this card for you and save it for you.