Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something to Talk About

You are steadily increasing your vocabulary and Momma is so proud! I think all of the ear infections you had last year delayed you slightly, so we are going to do testing for speech therapy tomorrow morning. When you read this when you are older, please know that I had the same issue and didn't really start talking until I was two and a half. I imagine you will do the same. However, Momma found a free speech therapy program and is going to utilize it until then. You are as smart as a whip and understand everything I'm saying. I really think it was the ear infections that caused the slight delay. Plus, you have Momma at home that anticipates all of your needs and knows your every cry and grunt, so who needs to talk, right?! I love you so so much and just want you to have every advantage. So, we are choosing to explore this free therapy route for you. In the mean time, here's your enormous progress (I'm so proud!):

Words You Can Say:

1. Momma
2. Daddy
3. All Done (awwduh)
4. Cat
5. Teeth
6. Yea!
7. Ci (paci)
8. Drink (dee)
9. Hi
10. Cheese (theee)
11. Bubble (buh buh)
12. Yum
13. Dog
14. Audrey
15. Go
16. Car
17. Bye (bye-yee)
18. Duck
19. Ice - said once
20. Hello
21. Babba (For Yo Gabba...)
22. Kitty
23. Tanku (thank you) - said once
24. Peekaboo
25. Dog, horse, cow, bear, tiger, sheep sounds
26. Apple
27. Ball

1. "Hi Dad"
2. "Momma Babba"


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