Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My poor girl has been through the ringer! Over the weekend, you ran a low-grade fever. I gave you a paci all weekend since you were sick. On Sunday, the fever quit and then all of these little bumps appeared around your mouth. I thought it was from me giving you extra paci time, until I got the email the next morning from the preschool about the Foot, Hand, Mouth virus going around in the toddler rooms, and it all started making sense. What I had written off as a diaper rash and too-tight shoes was suddenly explained. Also, you got a rash all over your legs. My poor, sweet baby! Fortunately, you didn't get a bad case of it. However, it has made you pretty itchy and cranky. Here's the only picture I could get of you to show you the bumps. For some reason, you don't like Momma taking your picture right now:

Not much you can do about this virus. You shouldn't be contagious anymore since the fever is gone and the bumps burst and crusted over. I'm just trying to dry everything out by giving you Epsom salt baths and benedryl at night. Hopefully, you will be back to your normal self soon!


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