Sunday, April 1, 2012

T is for Temper

You are always a joy and we always love you, but not all times are easy and sunshine and roses. You are very strong-willed, confident and independent which is what Momma wanted in a girl. However, that combination leads to some trying times. You have a little temper which comes out when you don't get what you want or are frustrated because you can't tell us what you want which is at least once a day lol! Your Dad and I joke that you have had a big fuss at least once a day since the day you were born. It's hard because so many times I tell you "no" for your safety or own good which I cannot explain to you at this point. Must seem unfair. Some things have gotten easier and others more challenging over the past two years. However, at the end, (and throughout) there is ALWAYS Momma's love to comfort you.


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