Wednesday, March 7, 2012


You are doing good with words, but your talking hasn't exploded yet. However, you understand everything that I say and it amazes me! I feel sure that any day you'll start saying a million things. You jabber all the time and do great with the words that you already know. You are also identifying the parts of your body. And, you are doing a little sign language. I'm just in awe of you!

Here's a list of words that you can say so far:
1. Momma
2. Daddy
3. All Done (all duh)
4. Cat
5. Teeth
6. Yea!
7. Paci (Ci)
8. Drink (dink)
9. Hi
10. Bye

Also, you say something that is very close to cookie, but I can't ever figure out exactly what you are saying. I also think I heard you say "eat" earlier today. You've also made up a few words. You say "E-ya-e-ya-e-ya" when you want to be picked up. You say "yeah" when you want me to turn on another cartoon. And you are saying something like "e" for "read". You are signing "all done", "more", "bye" and "hi". It won't be long before I won't even be able to count the words you are saying!

Here you are saying and signing "all done".


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