Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Love

Finally, the day has come that I've been dreaming about - the day that you would rather me read a book to you than watch Yo Gabba Gabba! You LOVE books! Your favorite is Peter Pan, which is surprising because it has a lot of words and very few pictures. You do have issues with new books that we haven't read before. You started throwing any new book that I showed you. Then, I decided I would try just reading it to you despite all your fussing. This worked and you are now warming up to new books. We took you to the bookstore the other night and let you pick out a few new books. You discovered books with sound and were instantly in love. :) I've been reading to you on demand. I will admit there are a few books that I'd rather not read 20 times a day, but I'm so excited that you are enjoying reading that I don't mind.


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Lori said...

This is Fun!! Dr. Seuss here you come! :)