Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today we went on a picnic lunch at Wildwood park with Momma's good friend Ashley and her kids Olivia and Barrett. You had a good time! The kids commented immediately on how much you growled. ;). You ate finger foods and also ate some mixed berries with Momma.

The kids also had fun feeding the geese and swan.

We went on a walk to the pavilion and while the kids dipped their feet in the pond, you played with your paci and learned how to make a spitting noise. Perfect spring day with my girl!

On another note, so glad Daddy lowered your crib yesterday. Momma sat you down in it and came back to find you kinda standing up on your knees!


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Daniel's Mom said...

That's a big girl! She'll be crawling around in no time. I love how proud she looks!